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    What is OfficeBooks?

    OfficeBooks is a simple web based business management application optimized for distributors and manufacturing. Whether you hold inventory or not, OfficeBooks automates your purchase, sales and work orders generation - leaving you free to build your business.
    Our focus is on enabling our customers to take charge of their day and get things done.
    • Stop being late! Solve on time delivery issues

      Quality and On-Time-Delivery (OTD) are the two most important performance concerns for your customers.
      A well implemented inventory control system like OfficeBooks can help you eliminate the factors that cause you to be late with shipments.
    • Boost Sales

      Let OfficeBooks handle the details, from quotes to credit card processing.
      You will be freed up to do what you should be doing in the first place – building your business. You can hit the road and visit customers, attend networking events, or think up creative marketing ideas – all thanks to the fact that you don’t have to run around putting out fires anymore.
    • Grow your brand

      Remember, your brand is way more than a logo. Every interaction you have with customers, suppliers, and competitors impacts your brand – and consistency of experience is key.
      OfficeBooks builds your brand by standardizing your outward facing documentation (purchase orders, quotations, invoices, etc) and by making your data available to your whole team so they can all help customers.

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